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by Raul Martinez April 13 2017, 17:11

Spelunky is an amazing platformer, where the player selects their character, and is placed into a series of randomly generated levels, where they must reach the end as quickly as possible while getting the most gold.

The player is given bombs and ropes to use to traverse the levels, and they can collect more/purchase them from shopkeepers. just don’t to anything violent to the shopkeeper, otherwise every single one that you encounter will shoot at you with a shotgun. There are four stages (mines, jungle, ice caves, and temple), with four stages each.

Each has there own events, which are indicated by there own dialogue box at the bottom of the screen.

Each event is unique, but the random level generation stays in play with the event. If the player takes too long on any one level, the dialogue, “A terrible chill runs up your spine” , and the ghost appears.

The ghost is unkillable, but if you touch it, it will kill you in one hit.

The player has four lives to start with, but this number can increase if you collect the damsel, an NPC that spawns in every level, or if Kali, the deity of the game, gives you the Kapala, a skull-shaped cup that lets you collect blood from your defeated enemies to increase your health. The Kapala can only be obtained through sacrificing the damsels at altars.

Altars do not span in every level, but give different rewards depending on how many damsels you have sacrificed.

The online free game also features different traps, including a gold head that spawns a boulder and tries to crush you, and typical arrow traps that shoot you if you get in front of them. However the arrow traps can be avoided by throwing an item at it, which makes it fire the arrow, and lose functionality.

There is much more to this game than I have talked about, so try it for yourself, and test your skills with Spelunky!


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