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My thoughts on the new PS4 rumors

by Raul Martinez April 13 2017, 17:09

There had been several rumors the last couple of months on what to expect from the next generation of consoles, most sounds perfectly fine but there are others that seems to have people worried.

Let’s look at the recent PS4 rumors that Kotaku sent out today. Most sounded fine but there are some spots that actually has me worried.

According to Kotaku, the next Playstation’s codename is Orbis. What they call the console prior to launch usually have nothing to do with the final name of the product but I do hope that they won’t call it that.

“Playstation Orbis” doesn’t really sound that good and I have nothing against calling the next Sony machine “Playstation 4″.

On the other hand, it seems like Sony is going away from the Cell processor which is great. I’ve been saying this since the PS3 came out but making your machines harder to make games for and using hardware that isn’t mass-produced is a really bad idea if you’re into making money. Sony definitely had issues keeping everything going for a while and from what I’ve heard, still has to deal with the ring effect from the cost of a PS3 versus what people are willing to pay for one.

Using a GPU that equals to a 7xx0 card from AMD sounds like a good plan too. If they can get the performance from a modern computer today on a console, that will probably last for just as long as the current consoles have today. It also seems to reflect the normal “2 year old computer at launch” performance trend that consoles usually follow so it makes perfect sense.

Let's just hope they don't feel like trying to make a new controller again because this looked horrible.

I’m not too happy about the no backwards compatible situation. Not only couldn’t I play PS2 games on my PS3 but now I can’t play PS3 games on my PS4? The only reason why I don’t like this recent trend in consoles is because that means that I have to have twice the consoles right next to my TV and right now the space is taken up by a PS3, X360, Wii, PS2 and a original Xbox. I’m glad the Wii U will be backwards compatible but I’m starting to run out of room here. I mean, even with the PS4 out there’s still games that I want to get for the PS3.

I don’t blame them on the locking games to your PSN profile. I do generally buy my games new just because I want people that make games to get some profit so they can continue to make new games but I can see the situation where people can’t afford brand new games all the time. But if there’s going to be a way to unlock a used game, hopefully the prices on used games go down as in some cases you’ll end up paying as much as a new game if they keep the current pricing going. Of course, nothing is confirmed yet so I hope they have plenty of stuff to announce at E3 this year.

Lastly; The PS4 is coming out holiday 2013? I see no problems with that. The Wii U will hopefully see daylight this year and I’m not sure about the new Xbox but 2013 has always been the year that I’ve been hoping that the new consoles comes out. I guess we’ll just have to wait.

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